Saturday, November 7, 2009

Basic to Intermediate , Nikonian Academy

I just came back from Nikonian Academy at The Strand , Kota Damansara for Basic To Intermediate Photography class . Best wehh , rugi sape tk pegi haha . Class start 10am - 6pm , there were many people ; german , malay , chinesse haha . Though Me & Rabiatul *she's my schoolmate okay were very proud to be a youngest participant :D Beberapa keping gambar hasil karya saya & gambar saya :

This is the link to Nikonian Gallery :


Sean Liew said...

Hi Azzam, cool photos you got here. Thanks for joining our class and sharing the photos. You guys did well. We've also posted some participant photos on our website ( so come on over and check them out!

mr bread said...

Hye Sean , not really cool as yours :D I will check it soon