Monday, November 23, 2009

wedding photography ?

goshh , kinda hard to do this . for the first time i shoot for wedding photography , gahh but i do learn many poses and angle from flickr Hee :) actually i took photos for my aunty's nikah . hell yeahh , my aunty were waiting for the photographer but he came at 12 when the nikah ceremony ended with aminn haha :)

tp photographer yg package tu mmg pro lahh , smpai je trus catch the camera and snapppppp haha and and dia tau mcm mana nak handle poses pengantin , so i learnt more abt wedding photoshoot , then he asked few photo when akad were held from me and i was errr its okay you can have it haha nasib baik aku ni baikk :)

damn he got two DSLR !

do visit my photostream on flickr to view my snap Heee :) but not now bcs i can't upload photos anymore in this month bcs i already used 93% of 100MB

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